AI for Lifecycle Marketing

Deliver more relevant and meaningful customer experiences. Boost customer loyalty. Drive up revenues.

How does it work?

Predict Lifetime Value

It all starts with understanding the future value of each customer segment, account, or user. Sparked AI looks at individual and group past behavior and predicts where each customer is headed:

Kate * Sees value * Likely to spend more

Justin * Isn’t using key features * Likely to churn out

So then what?

Putting AI to Work

Our SaaS platform connects painlessly to the marketing tools you already use today. No coding, no endless implementation cycles, no dependency on scarce data science resources. With Sparked, you will:

Find the right users

See predicted Life Time Value (LTV) by channel and acquisition campaign based on only a few hours activity. No more guesswork!

Boost activity

Regular activity is the number one driver of success. Sparked predicts who's falling behind letting you know exactly whom to encourage.

Improve onboarding completion

A successful lifetime with your product begins at onboarding. Sparked predicts who is falling behind - letting you know exactly who to encourage.

Discover and drive your "Magic Metrics"

Famously, Facebook stated that growth was driven by users who "reached 7 friends in 10 days." Sparked helps you discover your "Magic Metrics" and drive growth with them.

Reduce churn

With Sparked you can predict what your users will do before they do it; spot trouble fast on an individual basis and radically cut churn.

Boost average revenue per customer

Once you are predicting what to promote and to whom, you'll enjoy new super-powers for cross-selling, up-selling, pricing, and acquiring customers with a high lifetime value.


“Smart and intuitive”

Val Ornoy, CEO of LifeAssist Technologies

“Clearest path to boost LTV”

Yos Goodman, CEO of NomadYOGI

“Up and running in 30 minutes”

Tony Diefell, CEO of AwesomeBox


If you haven't boosted your customers' weekly activity by 20% in 45 days while following our recipe for day 45 success, we will refund you. Note that rising weekly activity is typically a great predictor of rising Life Time Value.