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About KoodoNation

At Koodo, we believe in supporting social good. And we know that people really want to make a difference in their communities, too. So to help make it happen, we've created KoodoNation.

KoodoNation is an online microvolunteering community that makes it easy and convenient for busy people to lend their skills to non-profits, all in their spare time.

KoodoNation is powered by Sparked. Created and offered by The Extraordinaries, Inc., Sparked was founded in July of 2008 as a for-profit social enterprise (and a certified B Corporation) with headquarters in San Francisco, California.

How it works

Non-profits post challenges to the network. Challenges are small tasks that can be completed entirely online - from simple questions that need answering to a quick brainstorm for ideas. From there, the microvolunteer community takes over and posts answers to help solve each challenge. Volunteers are free to get involved in any cause that they care about, and respond to any challenges that interest them and match their skills. And they can do it any time, on their own time, with no commitments.

For all you microvolunteers, we've found a way to fit helping others into your schedule, because even little actions can make a big difference. Sign up now.

For you non-profits out there, Koodonation helps you get work done for free by connecting you to a huge pool of talented volunteers who are ready to help. Connect today.

What is microvolunteering?

Microvolunteering can be defined by these four characteristics:


It's volunteerism that fits into your schedule when you have free time. The tasks are simple so there is usually no training or vetting required. And it's all done online so you can volunteer from anytime anywhere - even your couch!


There's a reason they call it microvolunteering. Volunteer tasks are broken into small-ish pieces, so they're quick and easy to solve. So if you only have a little time to help/spare, you can still make a big difference.


Crowdsourcing means that anyone and everyone can help. And when it comes to coming up with ideas to help non-profits and solve challenges, a crowd of heads is better than one!

Network managed

As microvolunteers post all of their ideas and responses, the community provides added value in rating the responses and helping non-profits decide which solutions are best. So even your opinion can help.